December 2018

Sponsor: ISSA & ISACA

**Date: December 19, 2018**


 *disclaimer* This lunch is NOT free. All members/non members, are required to bring a new unwrapped toy to donate to Toys for Tots, or $15 (cash, check, card accepted at the door) to donate to Toys for Tots. 


Speaker: Justin Courtial, Justin Courtial (CISSP) is a Cyber Security Lead for a publicly traded utility in Idaho. He is currently focused on Incident Response, Host/Network Forensics, Enterprise Security Architecture and Enterprise Security policy. He has a BBA from Washington State University in Management Information Systems.

Title: Nation States, Hackers, and Squirrels – The threats facing US Critical Infrastructure

Summary: Join Justin Courtial, as he takes his audience on the captivating journey that is Industrial Control System Security! Come away with some new conversation starters for your holiday parties as you drop some knowledge on your fellow revelers with terms like ICS, SCADA, HMI, RTU, and PLC! If that wasn’t enough, get ready to dazzle everyone that hasn’t walked away from you pretending to answer a phone call with some highlights about some of the attacks against Critical Infrastructure. We will top it all off with security suggestions you have undoubtedly heard before but maybe ignored, and of course, squirrels.


This lunch is NOT free. All members/non members, are required to bring a new unwrapped toy to donate to Toys for Tots, or $15 (cash, check, card accepted at the door) 



October 2018

October 2018

Sponsor: ISSA

Speaker: Ken Dunham, Optiv, MSS Technical Director


Orchestration and Automation in the Real World

With a massive gap in available talent and scale challenges in a big data world the industry is starting to embrace orchestration and automation as a solution.  There is no easy fix.  There is no affordable off the shelf solution.  Orchestration and automation, in the real world, involves real challenges, pitfalls, and opportunities to grow and mature as an organization.  Ken will introduce the concepts of O&A and share how Optiv has navigated application of these principles and solutions within MSS, with some failure and some success.  


2018-2019 Kick Off

Boise ISSA 2018-2019 is an exciting year for our chapter as we revise our bylaws and operating procedures, improve conference flow and logistics to maximize value, and focus on our core values of connection and personal growth.  We are working on maturing a new mentor and educational support program here at Boise ISSA along with notable changes for our annual InfoSec Conference.  Leadership is strong with veteran leaders at the helm rounding out the following board members for this coming year:

Ken Dunham
Justin Courtial

Vice President
Fuli Chavez

Rachel Zahn

Dave Reis

Vince Skinner

Michael Stanton


March 2018

Sponsor: NCC Group

Speaker: Vic Bhatia, Regional Director for the RMG practice at NCC Group

Title: HITRUST CSF – Introduction, Critical Success Factors, and Key Gotchas

Abstract:  HIPAA is not prescriptive, which makes it open to interpretation and difficult to apply. Organizations must necessarily reference additional standards for guidance on how to implement the requirements specified by HIPAA. It is also not the only set of security requirements healthcare organizations need to address (e.g., PCI, state, business partner requirements etc.).

The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) exists to ensure that information security becomes a core pillar of, rather than an obstacle to, the broad adoption of health information systems and exchanges. It has developed a CSF framework that addresses specific challenges such as concern over current breaches, numerous and sometimes inconsistent requirements and standards, compliance issues, and the growing risk and liability associated with information security in the healthcare industry. Organizations can use this CSF framework to create, access, store, or exchange Protected Health Information (PHI) safely and securely.

This presentation will give an introduction to the HITRUST CSF framework and how to implement it; and also, an overview of some of the critical success factors and ‘gotchas’ that NCC Group has encountered in its work as a HITRUST CSF Assessor.

BIO: Vic’s background is industry operator turned consultant. Earlier on in his career, Vic was the CISO of a global Fortune 500 company. He subsequently switched to consulting about 10 or so years ago; leveraging his  C | CISO leadership experience and board-level management skills to assist clients in the areas of information security, enterprise risk management, business continuity, compliance and governance.

Vic’s area of expertise is working with companies where “security fatigue” has set in – and executives are questioning the vision, value-add, execution, and ROI for security. Vic is a trusted advisor to the board and CISO-coach to “right-size”, align and fix under-performing security programs.

Vic is also a frequent speaker at various conferences and seminars, and the author of an upcoming book “CISO Essentials: Your First 90 Days”.

Lunch is $15 for non members, cash or check only.

Professional Credit: 1.5 CPE



February 2018

Sponsor: Intrinium

Speaker: Kylie Martonik, Manager, Security Consulting

Title: “Don’t turn off that computer!”  The Top Mistakes That Will Disrupt a Forensic Investigation

 Abstract:  The most difficult aspect of Forensics Investigations is that MOST ALL well-intentioned remediation tactics like running virus scans, shutting off the suspect computer, disconnecting from the internet, moving devices to another network – are LIKELY THE WRONG STEPS TO TAKE and can severely impact the forensic investigation. The correct steps can be very counterintuitive, which makes trusting your instincts a risky proposition.

Handling a Forensic Investigation correctly requires a disciplined process executed by technical staff that have the appropriate expertise. From initial discovery to delivery of the findings, every step of an investigation should be meticulously planned and followed.

In this interactive conversation, Intrinium’s Security Consulting Manager, Kylie Martonik, will explore several actions that are often taken by well-intentioned personnel that will compromise your investigation. We will discuss what you and your company can start doing now to ensure you are prepared to CORRECTLY handle incidents in the future.

BIO: As a key penetration tester for Intrinium, Kylie has deep experience in ethical hacking and vulnerability analysis at institutions of all size throughout the Northwest and beyond. Kylie is adamant about information security and ensuring the so called “crown jewels” of a company are properly protected from both outsider and insider threats. She has been a first responder and investigator in forensic investigations ranging from small businesses to larger firms such as retail and financial institutions. Additionally, Kylie is an expert on a range of standards set forth by NIST, the NSA, HIPAA, and the SANS Institute. Kylie is a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems focused in the field of cyber security including Network Security and Information Warfare.



January 2018

*This meeting is on January 11*

Sponsor: FireEye

Speaker: Terry Boedeker

Title: Battlefield 2018: Insights & Predictions for an Evolving Threat Landscape

BIO: Terry Boedeker is an award-winning, consultative solutions architect and sales engineering manager with a strong technical acumen and over 15 years of success in the high-tech sector. He has a proven ability to mentor and motivate high-performance technical teams and boasts a track record of achievement in delivering reduced costs, increased operational efficiency and delivering effective cybersecurity strategies and controls.

Terry regularly demonstrates strong relationship and team building abilities, is an excellent trainer and a highly-sought orator in the subjects of technology, cybersecurity, geopolitics and data governance.


Lunch is $15 for non members, cash or check only.

Professional Credit: 1.5 CPE

Hope to see you soon!

Vince Skinner, President

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December 2017

Sponsor: Trace3

Speaker: Josh McCarthy

BIO:Josh is a security industry veteran with over 15 year’s experience helping enterprises defend against emerging threats. He started with FireEye during their inception and led their engineering team for 8 years through their IPO. He left FireEye to join Crowdstrike to work with strategic accounts, and recently joined Demisto to lead the SE Team.

Title: Hacks for Hacking Attacks: Automate Threat Hunting & Response to Ransomware, Phishing


Do you spend hours threat hunting and responding to phishing and ransomeware attacks?

Why not save some time and learn a few tips, tricks, and hacks by using Demisto’s interactive playbooks? They are so easy to build, it’s like playing a game. A game that’s fun and easy and more effective than ever to reduce the number of alerts that require human review.

Oh, and they save you tons of time. Literally from hours to minutes. So you can focus more of your time on the big, hairy, scary, and most interesting attacks that need your expert attention.

Attend this luncheon demo to see how easy it is to build a playbook in Demisto. You’ll snap workflows together to automate manual-intensive tasks and see how the product’s machine learning suggestions will help you resolve real-world, complex threats. Product details you’ll see in the demo include:

Threat hunting enrichment playbook,

Phishing playbook, and a

Level 3 interactive investigation using DBot’s machine learning suggestions.

See how you’ll get smarter and more efficient with every incident – as all knowledge acquired is kept within the product for future reference.

Lunch is $15 for non members, cash or check only.


Novemeber 2017

November 2017

Sponsor: Carbon Black

Speaker: Jason Madey

Title: “Evolving your security to defend against modern attacks”

Abstract: We will discuss the impact of the changing threat landscape, issues Administrators are seeing, what is needed today to better defend, and what can be done to mature your response processes.

Lunch is $15 for non members, cash or check only.


October 2017

Sponsor: McAfee

Speaker: Pete Hebner
Pete has over 23 years of expereience in the telecommunications, data communications and Security industry. He has been with McAfee/Intel since 2003 starting as a senior security engineer and moving into the sales engineer manger position over the Western Region.

Title: Security Automation

Abstract: Driving the shift from Protection-only to an Integrated Threat Defense Lifecycle reducing business, operational, & financial risks.


Lunch is $15 cash or check if you are not a member