Intelligent Data In Motion Security for the Evolving WAN

For more than 25 years, data in motion security solutions have been handcuffed to the network transport layer. Minimal standards compliance, negligible consistency, and constrained connectivity are all negative artifacts of this protocol dependency. The result is a patchwork of layer-specific security solutions, many of which are implemented based on convenience rather than security best practices.  The abstraction of protocol dependencies from network security clears a path for implementing powerful solutions that maximize performance while meeting today’s mandates for auditable standards compliance, separation of duties, quantum-safe encryption, and complete control over key ownership.  This presentation focuses on how the Thales High Speed Encryptors are breaking traditional data in motion security paradigms through a single, consistent solution that provides security and control over the disparate WAN connections that your high-value data assets traverse.  Let us show you how Thales can turn the Wild WAN into a Controlled LAN.