February 2018

Sponsor: Intrinium

Speaker: Kylie Martonik, Manager, Security Consulting

Title: “Don’t turn off that computer!”  The Top Mistakes That Will Disrupt a Forensic Investigation

 Abstract:  The most difficult aspect of Forensics Investigations is that MOST ALL well-intentioned remediation tactics like running virus scans, shutting off the suspect computer, disconnecting from the internet, moving devices to another network – are LIKELY THE WRONG STEPS TO TAKE and can severely impact the forensic investigation. The correct steps can be very counterintuitive, which makes trusting your instincts a risky proposition.

Handling a Forensic Investigation correctly requires a disciplined process executed by technical staff that have the appropriate expertise. From initial discovery to delivery of the findings, every step of an investigation should be meticulously planned and followed.

In this interactive conversation, Intrinium’s Security Consulting Manager, Kylie Martonik, will explore several actions that are often taken by well-intentioned personnel that will compromise your investigation. We will discuss what you and your company can start doing now to ensure you are prepared to CORRECTLY handle incidents in the future.

BIO: As a key penetration tester for Intrinium, Kylie has deep experience in ethical hacking and vulnerability analysis at institutions of all size throughout the Northwest and beyond. Kylie is adamant about information security and ensuring the so called “crown jewels” of a company are properly protected from both outsider and insider threats. She has been a first responder and investigator in forensic investigations ranging from small businesses to larger firms such as retail and financial institutions. Additionally, Kylie is an expert on a range of standards set forth by NIST, the NSA, HIPAA, and the SANS Institute. Kylie is a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems focused in the field of cyber security including Network Security and Information Warfare.



January 2018

*This meeting is on January 11*

Sponsor: FireEye

Speaker: Terry Boedeker

Title: Battlefield 2018: Insights & Predictions for an Evolving Threat Landscape

BIO: Terry Boedeker is an award-winning, consultative solutions architect and sales engineering manager with a strong technical acumen and over 15 years of success in the high-tech sector. He has a proven ability to mentor and motivate high-performance technical teams and boasts a track record of achievement in delivering reduced costs, increased operational efficiency and delivering effective cybersecurity strategies and controls.

Terry regularly demonstrates strong relationship and team building abilities, is an excellent trainer and a highly-sought orator in the subjects of technology, cybersecurity, geopolitics and data governance.


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