Ken Dunham
Ken Dunham has nearly three decades of combined business, technical and leadership experience in cyber security, incident response and cyber threat intelligence. Mr. Dunham holds a CISSP, CISM, Masters of Teacher Education with research in alternative assessment of multiple intelligences, and has held numerous technical certifications over the years ranging from reverse engineering to network security and forensics. In 2006 Mr. Dunham was recognized as the top quoted global security expert. In 2015 Mr. Dunham was recognized as a Distinguished Fellow with ISSA International as well as received the article of the year award for his work on “Troubling Trends of Espionage”. Mr. Dunham has extensive experience briefing executives and assisting technical staff in F500 companies to solve global security challenges. Over his long career he has taught at all levels, helped to create training programs for pilots and navigators of the U2, Warthog, and Predator programs, authored and contributed to many books and thousands of security articles, created new technical appliances (drive-by sandbox automation, automated mobile APK analysis, etc) and has been involved with the advent of nascent industry solutions including responsible disclosure (iDEFENSE) and cyber threat intelligence (iSIGHT Partners). Mr. Dunham also owns an advanced intelligence response company, 4D5A Security LLC, and runs a non-profit, Rampart Research, for information sharing and networking of global incident responders. Mr. Dunham is the father of four children, an avid outdoorsman, cook, and enjoy photography, composing music, and spending time with family and loved ones.
Matt Fuhrman
Vice President

Matt is an experienced IT professional with over ten years in IT support, networking, and security. Matt oversees the day to day IT operations at YHI and manages the Privacy and Security program for the Idaho Health Exchange. A Navy veteran, Matt is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and has a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Cybersecurity.

Michael Stanton
Rachel Zahn
Dave Reis
Nathan Long

Born in Europe sometime between the invention of DARPANET and the innovation of Tim Berners-Lee, Nathan Long has walked through the valley of the shadow of the Internet for over 20 years, in an eclectic variety of roles ranging from Security Engineer to Sales Guy. In between, he administered some networks, designed a CRM, traveled as a consultant, and built a Cyber Security Integration firm, after which he sold Orthopedic implants for two years.

The husband of one and father of four, Nathan and family relocated to Idaho from Indiana in late 2015, and have been drinking deeply of Idaho’s wonders ever since. An avid reader and inveterate sushi consumer, Nathan and his wife, Elisa, love to explore new restaurants and new trailheads. If you’re so inclined, he would also delight to discuss whether William of Ockham or Bertrand Russell really came up with “Ockham’s Razor.”

Nate is an autodidact Philomath with degrees in English and Theology, who serves the St. Luke's Health System as Cyber Security Evangelist, and is the founder of CyberHedge, a cyber security startup presently in stealth mode. Nate has been delivering dynamic Cyber Security training across the US since 1999.

Kevin Reddish

An Air Force veteran, Kevin is a seasoned IT and security professional with over twenty years of experience in the design, implementation and support of secure, enterprise local and wide area networks.  He holds several security certifications including; CISSP, CCSP, HCISPP, CEH, CHFI and has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Master’s degree in Cybersecurity & Information Assurance.  

Kevin currently serves as CIO at Your Health Idaho.