Cyber Coach

Your Vision. Our Mission. Mutual Growth.

Boise ISSA is proud to announce the creation of a new pilot program with universities and organizations, helping them both move forward in their cyber security goals and growth.  Our initial pilot is with Northwest Nazarene University and Nampa Public School Districts in Nampa, Idaho.

Boise ISSA has had multiple strategic consultations with both organizations to ensure alignment and a roadmap towards successful outcomes of the program.  We also helped shape the curriculum and project oriented work for both a cyber security course and a multimedia course for students.  Students gain real world consultation skills and experience, from the Statement of Work (SOW) and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) stage all the way through final presentations and recommendations.  The school is able to gain additional resources at a very affordable price, moving their program forward when it likely would not have matured as quickly or at all given all the demands of cyber security in 2020.

Boise ISSA ensures that both the client and the university execute at a high level by providing a subject matter expert (SME) to guide and mentor the entire process.

Work at Nampa School District 131 temporarily ground to a halt during the unanticipated workload of transitioning every student to work from home, but continues forward via remote collaboration during the COVID-19 outbreak. A proof of concept video on the concepts of this program, by the videography group at NNU, is below.  An initial flyer is also below for you to download, print, and share as you see fit.

Boise ISSA looks forward to maturing this program throughout 2020 and into 2021 given the initial success of the pilot and planned activities post-COVID-19.