December 2017

December 2017

Sponsor: Trace3

Speaker: Josh McCarthy

BIO:Josh is a security industry veteran with over 15 year’s experience helping enterprises defend against emerging threats. He started with FireEye during their inception and led their engineering team for 8 years through their IPO. He left FireEye to join Crowdstrike to work with strategic accounts, and recently joined Demisto to lead the SE Team.

Title: Hacks for Hacking Attacks: Automate Threat Hunting & Response to Ransomware, Phishing


Do you spend hours threat hunting and responding to phishing and ransomeware attacks?

Why not save some time and learn a few tips, tricks, and hacks by using Demisto’s interactive playbooks? They are so easy to build, it’s like playing a game. A game that’s fun and easy and more effective than ever to reduce the number of alerts that require human review.

Oh, and they save you tons of time. Literally from hours to minutes. So you can focus more of your time on the big, hairy, scary, and most interesting attacks that need your expert attention.

Attend this luncheon demo to see how easy it is to build a playbook in Demisto. You’ll snap workflows together to automate manual-intensive tasks and see how the product’s machine learning suggestions will help you resolve real-world, complex threats. Product details you’ll see in the demo include:

Threat hunting enrichment playbook,

Phishing playbook, and a

Level 3 interactive investigation using DBot’s machine learning suggestions.

See how you’ll get smarter and more efficient with every incident – as all knowledge acquired is kept within the product for future reference.

Lunch is $15 for non members, cash or check only.