September 6 Membership Meeting – RSA – Anatomy of an Attack

September 6 Membership Meeting – RSA – Anatomy of an Attack

September 6, 2012: Anatomy of an Attack

Supported by RSA

In the past 18 months, a series of highly sophisticated and targeted cyber-attacks across the globe have revealed a seismic shift in the threat landscape. With both private and public-sector organizations, targeted attacks are becoming increasingly advanced and audacious. In March of last year RSA suffered a significant and highly publicized cyber-attack. This presentation will detail the elements of the attack, the lessons learned by RSA, and suggested best practices for continuing to combat Advanced Persistent Threats.

Speaker: Percy Tucker
Percy Tucker, Senior Technology Consultant for RSA Security, will be presenting “Anatomy of an Attack.”  Percy has worked for RSA Security for over ten years with 15 years experience in the security field.  Percy has been delivering this presentation around the country and is well versed in detailed elements of the attack. Due to his support immediately following the attack, he was deeply involved in the remediation efforts and can provide a firsthand perspective of the impact on RSA and practical steps any organization can take to help prepare for the dynamic threat landscape we are faced with today.

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